the midwest is eating me alive

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where the fuck has this been all my life?????????


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that moment you’re so upset you are sick to your stomach and there’s a 3 hour time difference between you and ALL of your friends.

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There’s a little hope.

I’ve been having a hard time adjusting in California. A mixture between missing my friends and having no familiarity with my surroundings.
I joined a coed softball team trying to make friends. I had my first game last night, we won 20-9. everyone seems pretty legit. One of Michael’s friends plays on the team with me.
Before the game last night she said, “I’ve never met someone that is truly comfortable all of the time. you’ve never tried to impress us or fake who you are. I admire you for moving here and staying true to yourself”
that made me feel great.

The other day my buddy Hutch texted me to check in on how I’m doing. I was honest with him, saying I was homesick and didn’t have anyone in California to ride with.
Hutch then reached out to his friends in Northern California asking for numbers of people that I could ride with in southern CA.
I now have 2 more dudes that are willing to meet me and cruise around.
I’m so thankful for my old friends having my back and doing everything in their power to make sure I’m doing ok.
I’m also thankful for new friends recognizing that I will always be myself, even when I’m uncomfortable and lonely.
this move has been extremely difficult. but I’m sticking to my guns and making the best out of it.